Our Story

Prior to selling cigars together, Mr. Pete Wast owned the Pepperwood Grill restaurant in Greensburg, PA and Dr. Reed Nelson was a frequent customer. Dr. Nelson would often enjoy a fine, hand rolled cigar on the outside patio of the restaurant. Eventually, the two decided to work together selling cigars to other patrons of the restaurant, out of a cabinet humidor near the bar. This is how Nelson Loguasto Cigar Co. was born in 2013.

Where does the name “Nelson Loguasto” come from?

Nelson = Reed’s last name
Loguasto = Pete’s family’s last name before it was changed to Wast

A few years later, Pete sold the restaurant and the two decided to keep the cigar business alive by building a small shop with a beautiful walk-in humidor next to Dr. Nelson’s  Chiropractic and Rehab clinic in downtown Greensburg. The customer support continued to grow and grow, and in late 2018, Mr. Fred Findley joined the team.

By mid-2019 it became clear they had outgrown the initial shop and eventually discovered a new location nearby (click to learn more about our Greensburg location). Renovation on the new location began quickly in January of 2020 and we officially opened the doors in May 2020.

In September 2022, we opened our second physical location in Irwin, PA at the Norwin Hills Shopping Center plaza (click to learn more about our Irwin location).