St. Patrick’s Parties 2024

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Saturday April 6

We close down the 2024 St. Patrick’s Season with our featured event!

Join us Saturday April 6 at Nelson Loguasto’s Greensburg as we feature crazy deals on Aladino, Tatascan, and Rancho Luna cigars. We’ll be joined by owner of Aladino cigars, Justo Eiroa along with his daughter Andrea Eiroa (making her debut visit to Pittsburgh).

And to highlight the event, we’ll be featuring live music from everyone’s favorite local band, String Theory! Embedded below is a clip from String Theory’s 2023 performance at the Aladino Lounge.


  • Event runs 12pm-5pm
  • String theory begins 2:30pm

New Cigars:

  • Aladino Maduro 6.25 x 60
  • Fuma Noche 6.25 x 54
  • Rancho Luna Habano & Connecticut (re-launch of former Rancho Luna)


Buy 10
– 15% off
– 1 free Project Lomas cigar
– 1 raffle ticket

Buy 20
– 20% off
– 2 free Project Lomas cigar
– 4 raffle tickets

Buy 40
– 25% off
– 4 free Project Lomas cigars
– 10 raffle tickets

Raffle Prize Winner Receives:
– Aladino humidor
– Aladino table top lighter
– Aladino pocket knife
– Aladino stainless steel cutter