JRE Tatascan Cigar, A Favorite at Our Cigar Shop

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The Tatascan by JRE Tobacco is a huge hit at the Nelson Loguasto cigar store in Greensburg PA. It just has so many things going right for it. The Tatascan, or the Big Boss, or El Jefe as we like to call it.

First of all, we’re able to offer it at fantastic prices. It’s a perfect morning smoke AKA breakfast cigar. We even have some great, smaller sizes perfect for just that role. The option between the Connecticut or Habano wrapper is nice because you can change it up from time to time. These are milder cigars and perfect entry cigars for beginner smokers. For the more advance smokers, we find a lot of our guys will often start or end their night with a Tatascan.

The JRE Tatascan cigars are available for sale from our website.

JRE Tatascan – The Sweet Tip

And so far, we haven’t even mentioned the sweet tip. The Tatascan by JRE now come with lightly sweetened tips to add to the enjoyment of the cigar. It’s not totally ‘flavored’ like some other cigars, just a bit of sweetening on the tip.

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JRE Tatascan and The Eiroa Family

We definitely enjoy the experience of the JRE Tatascan, and we love supporting JRE Tobacco. JRE Tobacco is a father and son, family operation in Honduras. Julio Eiroa is the founder of the company and runs the company with his son Justo. This past Christmas, Justo actually visited us for a fun-filled cigar evening. Here are photos below:

justo eiroa jre tatascan

julio eiroa jre tatascan

And here’s a brief video clip of Julio giving a behind the scenes tour from the JRE Tobacco YouTube channel.