St. Paddy’s Party – March 13, 2021

Can we host an epic St. Patrick’s Day cigar event at the Aladino Lounge? Challenge accepted.


This is a CIGAR EVENT…. The event is for cigar smokers only. 

Parking and seating will be limited at times throughout the day and we want to be sure that people coming to purchase cigars and take advantage of the specials can find parking.


Our St. Paddy’s Party will be on Saturday, March 13th. We will be open 10am to 10pm.

Our goal is to fill the day with fun events and specials, so whether you join us in the morning, afternoon, or evening you be sure to enjoy yourself.

JRE cigars will be sending their rep Trey Mac to join us and sponsor some of the “Mystery Prizes” and the Greenlight specials throughout the day.

There will be a lot going on all day, so please be sure to read all the information below if you plan to attend. Itinerary for the day can be found below.

NOTE 1: Information may be modified / updated as we get closer to the event.
NOTE 2: Pot of Gold 50/50 and Lunch/Dinner specials will be CASH ONLY, so be sure to have cash on you.
NOTE 3: Absolutely no running tickets / tabs on this day. Each transaction must be paid at the time of purchase.
Note 4: Dressing for the occasion strongly encouraged… Green clothes, kilts… whatever you got.

Members vs. Non-Members

This event is open to the public, so members and non-members of the Aladino Lounge are able to attend. There is no non-member visitor fee, however everyone that attends is required to make the cover charge as described below.

Cover Charge

A minimum 5 cigar purchase is required to attend and enjoy the day’s festivities.

  • Each cigar must be over $5.
  • Must be individual sticks (bundles, 5packs, tins, etc. excluded)

Question: “I’m coming but want to bring a friend. My friend doesn’t smoke cigars. Does he/she need to do the cover charge?”

Answer: This is a cigar event for cigar smokers. Every person who comes is required to make the 5 cigar purchase. If your friend does not smoke cigars, this is likely not the event for him/her.

Upon making your cover charge purchase, you will receive a wrist band. This signifies you’ve made this purchase and can enjoy the day’s fun along with:

  • 3 raffle tickets to “Mystery Prize” drawings
  • Ability to enter “Pot of Gold 50/50”
  • Free coffee and refills
  • Ability to take advantage of the Greenlight specials

Breakfast Buffet

One of our members is sponsoring the breakfast buffet that will be delivered at 11am from Jaden’s catering.

Boulevard Lunch and Dinner

The Boulevard will be helping us provide easy lunch and dinner options. They are providing several food options with pricing that includes tax, tip, and delivery. We will come around to collect orders and payment at the below times and call in the orders. This will be cash only, so make sure to have cash on hand.

Lunch – we will collect orders at 1:30PM and they will be delivered at 3PM
Dinner – we will collect orders at 5:00PM and they will be delivered at 7PM

See menu at bottom of page.


Mystery Prizes – We will do several mystery prize drawings throughout the day. Your cover charge will grant you tickets to this as well as purchases made during the greenlight specials. Winners must be present for the Mystery Prize drawings.

Pot of Gold 50/50 – We are planning to build a big ol’ pot of gold, prizes, and cigars that would make even a leprechaun blush. Winner does NOT need to be present. We will pull the winning ticket live on Facebook.

  • $10 per ticket
  • $50 = 7 tickets
  • $100 = 20 tickets

Pipe Promo

Purchase any in-stock Peterson pipe and save 20% and get a free pouch of tobacco (buyer’s choice).

Purchase any in-stock Rossi pipe and save 15% and get a free pouch of tobacco (buyer’s choice).


10:00AM – Store opens
11:00AM – Breakfast Buffet
12:00PM – Greenlight Special #1 w/ Trey Mac of JRE
1:00PM – Bagpipes
1:30PM – Mystery Prize #1 Drawing
1:30PM – Collecting of lunch orders
2:00PM – Greenlight Special #2 w/ Trey Mac of JRE
3:00PM – LUNCH: Boulevard food delivery
4:00PM – Greenlight Special #3 w/ Trey Mac of JRE
4:30PM – Mystery Prize #2 Drawing
5:15PM – Collecting of dinner orders
5:30PM – 6:30PM String Theory performance
check out some of their videos on Facebook
6:00PM – Irish comedy during band break
7:00PM – DINNER: Boulevard food delivery
7:00PM – Greenlight Special #4 w/ Trey Mac of JRE
7:15PM – Trey Mac’s NL Cigar Fantasy Football award ceremony + Mystery Prize #3 Drawing
9:00PM – Pot of Gold 50/50 Drawing
10:00PM – Party over