Holiday Gift Ideas

We are looking forward to helping you find the right gifts this holiday season. This page covers some popular gift ideas to help you get started. Some items, especially premium samplers and limited edition items, are very low in availability so don’t wait too long to stop in either of our Greensburg or Irwin stores.

Aladino Lounge Membership

There’s no better gift for a cigar enthusiast than a comfortable indoor setting to enjoy his or her cigars during the winter months. We offer a variety of membership options, and our prices are located online.

Gift Cards

We offer gift cards in any amount and our gift cards work at both our Irwin and Greensburg locations regardless of which store they were purchased at.

Sampler Packs

We offer a large variety of sampler packs, and many are in humidfied packs (ensuring the cigars will stay fresh inside).  Some of our packs are on sale this month including Alec Bradley sampler pack, Kristoff sampler packs, and Hoyo de Monterey sampler packs.

Premium Samplers

We have an extremely limited supply of premium samplers from Padron, Opus X Lost City, God of Fire, and Plasencia Alma del Fuego. Don’t delay on these… there’s less than a handful available at each store and they’re going fast.

ACID Collector Tin

Less than a handful available at each store, these $99 collector tins include 12 ACID cigars.

10 Count Boxes

Most cigar boxes contain 20-25 cigars per box, but we do carry several high quality cigars that come in boxes of 10. These are popular gifts this time of year when someone is wanting to purchase a more expensive cigar but in a 10 count box. We have a limited availability of 10 count boxes of Oliva Melanio, God of Fire, Liga Privada 10th Anniversary, Aladino Reserva Figurado, Plasencia and several others.

Davidoff Tins

Every December, the Davidoff tins are one of our hottest sellers. Small cigars from a super luxury brand at an affordable price packaged in beautiful presentation tins make for a perfect gift. Choose from two Winston Churchill options of the Primeros.

Cringle Flake Tobacco

The 2023 Cringle Flake pipe tobacco just arrived. This is a limited edition product, so we advise getting in ASAP to procure one of these as a holiday gift.

Cigar Storage

We have several options for cigar storage: Traditional wood humidors, cigar jars, our EZ plastic humidors, and Boveda 1 Year storage bags.

NOTE – Traditional wood humidors: We have 4 wood humidor options and they are all 10% off until 12/24. When buying a wood humidor, be sure to also ask our staff about necessary accessories including seasoning packs (84% bovedas), humidification packs or beads, and digital hygrometers. All these accessories are also 10% off this month. The humidor takes time to season (up to 14 days), so if you’re also buying cigars as a gift, you may want to purchase the 1 Year Boveda bag to store the cigars in until the humidor is seasoned by the recipient.

NOTE – 1 Year Boveda Bags: These bags are 5% off until 12/24 and is a simple, affordable solution if you’re buying individual cigars as a gift. The bags will keep the cigars fresh between on and when the gift is given, and the recipient can also use the bag in the future.

Cigar Humidification

All our basic cigar humidification accessories are on sale until 12/24. Boveda packs, bead jars, water pillows, power sticks, cigar juice and more are all 10% off. Additionally, if you have a larger humidor, our Hydra electronic humidifiers are 12% off.

Xikar Cutters & Lighters

For high quality cigar cutters and lighters, check out Xikar. Xikar cutters and lighters are 12% off this month and include a limited lifetime warranty from Xikar. If your purchase includes 10+ cigars, your extra 10% bump essentially raises your Xikar deal to 22% off!

Cigar Cases

We have a variety of leather cigar cases that are 20% until 12/24 and make for excellent gifts.

Cigar Ashtrays

A variety of cigar ashtrays are all 15% off until 12/24.