Wine and Aladino Pairing

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Nelson Loguasto’s Cigars and Bella Terra Vineyards are teaming up for a wine and cigar pairing event.

Due to limited lounge capacity, we will be doing this event on two separate dates:

  • Thursday, February 11 from 5:30 – 7:30
  • Friday, February 19 from 6:00 – 8:00

We will be featuring Bella Terra wine with Aladino cigars. Bella Terra will have additional options available along with bottles for take-home purchase.

Not a member of the Aladino Lounge? Our $5 visitor rate (non-member) will be reduced to $2.50 during the hours of the event. Waived if you take advantage of the 10 cigar deal below.

BONUS: On these 2 dates, buy any combination of 10 JRE cigars (Aladino, Rancho Luna, Tatascan) and receive 15% off. Locker members receive 20% off.

Aladino Cameroon + Rose

Pairing Style = Complimentary

Cost per glass = $5

Cameroon wrappers are known for their subtle, natural sweetness. This unique Honduran grown Cameroon wrappers offers that gentle sweetness as well as a soft red pepper when combined with the authentic corojo filler and binder. The rose wine is a semi-sweet wine with a hint of soft spices on the finish, and both your cigar and wine will feature a soft reddish hue.

“Rose is a wonderful blend of several grapes that is easy to share no matter your tastebuds.” – Bella Terra

Aladino Connecticut + Riesling

Pairing Style = Complimentary

Cost per glass = $6

The off-dry Riesling will compliment the cigar’s semi-dry note of cedar and excite your taste buds to enhance the soft notes of cream on the finish.

“Our estate Riesling is a great off-dry white that is grown in Bedford, PA.” – Bella Terra

Aladino Corojo (original) + Blanc de Blanc

Paring Style = Neutral

Cost per glass = $6

Some of the most distinguished cigar aficionados of the world will tell you that the best spirit to pair with a cigar is champagne. This Blanc de Blanc pairing will put that to the test. While not actually a champagne, this Blanc de Blanc is a dry Chardonnay with a slight sparkle that will keep your palette fresh and cleansed so you can focus on enjoying the true beauty of a 100% authentic cuban corojo seed cigar.

“Our first canned wine, Blanc de Blanc, offers a great dry Chardonnay with a hint of sparkle.” – Bella Terra

Aladino Corojo Reserva + Cabernet Sauvignon

Pairing Style = Complimentary

Cost per glass = $7

Plenty of body with a balanced smooth finish.  A perfect description for both the cigar and the wine. The perfect wine in Bella Terra’s portfolio to hold up to the fuller body of the Aladino Corojo Reserva cigars.

“Cabernet is a wonderful blend of Cabernet grapes that provides a smooth finish.” – Bella Terra

Aladino Maduro + Bella Red

Pairing Style = Complimentary

Cost per glass = $5

Bella Red has the base of a earthy Cabernet that will pair nicely with the Mexican San Andres Maduro wrapper. For those prone to retrohale, you will notice the Aladino Maduro has a dark fruit note on the retrohale that we want to enhance with the sweet, dark fruit notes of the Bella Red.

“Our Bella Red is a blend of our Cabernet grape featuring a finish of blackberry that is sure to be a perfect gateway to enjoying dry wines.” – Bella Terra

Aladino Vintage Selection + Duvall

Pairing Style = Contrasting

Cost per glass = $5

The Duvall will be the sweetest wine in this pairing lineup, and we’re using it as a contrasting pairing with our Aladino Vintage Selection. The Vintage Selection is a complex cigar but perfectly balanced for an overall delicious flavor. When paired with this sweet red wine, the idea is to assist the palette in discerning many of the individual tasting notes of the cigar.

“Duvall is a complex semi-sweet blend of a Cabernet, Concord with hints of blackberry is sure to please anyone.” – Bella Terra