5 Months to St. Patrick’s Day – Sinistro Event


You do not want to miss our last major cigar event of 2021!

Our next major cigar event won’t be until our St. Patrick’s Day event in March 2022… so in proper form, we’re starting the Irish celebration early with our “5 Months to St. Patrick’s Day” event.

In order to make this an incredible day, we are partnering with Sinistro cigars. The cigar specials on this day will center around Sinistro cigars and best of all, we worked directly with Sinistro to have them blend and produce a brand new, special limited edition cigar just for this event… we call it… “Finny Boy”



  • Saturday October 23


  • 11AM – store opens
  • 12PM – event deals begin
  • 12PM – food service begins
  • 2PM – 50/50 raffle sale begins
  • 5PM – food service ends
  • 5:30PM – last call on 50/50 raffle tickets
  • 5:45PM – Sinistro girls pull winners for prizes and 50/50


  • Nelson Loguasto’s Cigars
  • 645 Mt. Pleasant St., Greensburg PA 15601

Bonus! Live Music:

We will also have singer/musician Denis Moreau on site from 3:30 – 4:30.


Not long ago, we asked Coleman from Sinistro…. “What are the chances you guys could make us a brand new cigar for our 5 Months to St. Patrick’s Day event? Something brand new and totally exclusive for just one single, magical day.”

Well, Coleman and his business partner James 100% delivered.

Instead of your usual Leprechaun, we’re bringing you the Loguastechaun  Finny Boy.

  • 6×50 toro
  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano w/ Candela foot
  • Binder: Indonesian
  • Filler: Criollo 98 Ligero, Criollo 98 Seco, Nicaragua Esteli Ligero

The cigar is medium strength but boasts a full profile of delicious flavor.

Best of all… it’ll be retailing for just $6.99!


Deal 1

Buy 4 Sinistro cigars + 1 Finny Boy

Receive the following:

  • 10% Off Purchase
  • 1 FREE Sinistro Cigar

Deal 2

Buy 5 Sinistro cigars + 5 Finny Boy

Receive the following:

  • 15% Off Purchase
  • 2 FREE Sinistro Cigars
  • 1 Raffle Prize Tickets

Deal 3 

Buy 10 Sinistro cigars + 10 Finny Boy

Receive the following:

  • 20% Off Purchase
  • 3 FREE Sinistro Cigars
  • 4 Raffle Prize Tickets

Deal 4 

Buy 20 Sinistro cigars + 20 Finny Boy

Receive the following:

  • 20% Off Purchase
  • 5 FREE Sinistro Cigars
  • 12 Raffle Prize Tickets
  • 1 Meal Ticket*
  • Sinistro Shirt, Lighter, & Cutter
  • Finny Boy Bandana


At 5:45PM, the Sinistro girls will pull the winning tickets for the Pot of Gold Prize and Runner up prizes.

Pot of Gold Prize:

  • 10 Finny Boy cigars
  • 10 assorted Sinistro cigars
  • Bottle of premium Irish whiskey
  • Finny Boy flask set
  • Finny Boy whiskey decanter & glass set
  • Project Carbon cigar case from Sinistro
  • Nelson Loguasto Aladino Lounge shot glass
  • Nelson Loguasto EZ Tupperdore w/ cedar trays & digital hygrometer
  • Nelson Loguasto cigar journal
  • $50 gift card to Nelson Loguasto’s

Runner Up Prize:

  • Bottle of Irish whiskey
  • Finny Boy cigar case
  • 5 Finny Boy cigars
  • Nelson Loguasto Aladino Lounge shot glass
  • $25 gift card to Nelson Loguasto’s


Pot of Gold Prize winner MUST be present in order to win. If your name is pulled and you are not present, we will place your ticket back into the mix and you’ll become eligible for the runner up prize or the bonus prizes.

Runner Up Prize winner does NOT have to be present in order to win.


If we sell every last Finny Boy cigar by 5:30PM, Nelson Loguasto’s and Sinistro will activate an additional 5 bonus prizes that will be drawn after the Pot of Gold and Runner Up prizes are selected.

The five bonus prize winners MUST be present in order to win and will include:

  • Assorted 4 Pack of Cigars from Sinistro
  • Cutter & Lighter from Sinistro
  • $20 gift card for Nelson Loguasto’s


Want to earn extra tickets towards the Pot of Gold, Runner Up, and potential Bonus Prizes?

Here’s a few ways to do just that!

  1. For every Sinistro scala and/or salomon you purchase…
    1. earn 2 additional tickets
  2. For every Finny Boy you purchase ON TOP OF the deal package…
    1. earn 1 additional ticket
    2. example: You purchase deal 3 which is 10 Sinistro + 10 Finny Boy cigars, but purchased a total of 16 Finny Boy cigars… you’d receive an EXTRA 6 tickets.

50/50 DRAWING (or more)

Right after the Sinistro girls pull the winning names for the Pot of Gold, Runner Up, and Bonus prizes they will pull the tickets for the 50/50 drawing.

As an added twist, if we sell out of Finny Boy cigars by 5:30pm, the winner will win 60% of the pot instead of 50%.

  • $5 = 1 ticket
  • $10 = 4 tickets
  • $20 = 10 tickets


Italian Village Pizza of Greensburg will be on site from 12pm – 5pm.

They will have:

  • Reubens
  • Halushki
  • Mac ‘n Cheese
  • Pizza Rolls
  • Pizza by the slice
  • & More


In addition to the Finny Boy, here are the Sinistro regular production and limited edition cigars we will have available for the event. Some items will be limited in supply, so if there’s something in particular you’re looking forward to, make sure to arrive early.

  • Mr. White Robusto
  • Mr. White Toro
  • Mr. White Scala
  • Mr. Black Toro
  • Mr. Red Toro
  • Mr. White Gold Edition Robusto
  • Mr. White Gold Edition Toro
  • Mr. Candela
  • Mr. Series Lancero Sampler
  • Habana Vieja Corona
  • Habana Vieja Toro
  • Habana Vieja Scala
  • King of Kings (limited supply left)
  • Last Cowboy Natural Petite Belicoso
  • Last Cowboy Natural Toro
  • Last Cowboy Maduro Petite Belicos
  • Last Cowboy Maduro Toro
  • Last Cowboy Maduro Scala
  • Last Cowboy Maduro Solomon
  • Honor Among Thieves Toro
  • Honor Among Thieves Trumpeta
  • Last Barbarian Robusto
  • El Burro Maduro Robusto
  • El Burro Maduro Toro


From the Sinistro website:

“With over 3 decades of experience, Sinistro Cigars has traveled to the world’s most renowned cigar producing regions in search for the perfect smoke. The attention to detail & quality can be seen & tasted in every stick. Each cigar is hand-rolled by master cigar rollers under the strict supervision of a cigar aficionado. Follow us on the road to excellence.

​Born from an undying passion for tobacco & an obsession for excellence, we are Sinistro. A band of brothers who’s zeal & passion for fine cigars has set us on a journey around the world to unearth the finest tobaccos to create Sinistro Cigars.”