Justo Eiroa Party – Friday July 30



  • Friday July 30


  • Aladino Lounge at Nelson Loguasto’s
  • 645 Mt. Pleasant St. Greensburg PA 15601


  • 12 noon = doors open, deals begin
  • 2:30 = Justo Eiroa & Trey Mac arrive
  • 3:00 – 7:30 = Little E’s Pizza Food Truck
  • 4:00 – 7:00 = New Crescent Brewery (rear patio)
  • 7:30 = Justo Eiroa picks 4 raffle winners


  • We will have plenty of seating inside and out, however Justo Eiroa typically draws a large crowd to our shop. Last year we had people setting up chairs in the field behind our shop. We do suggest considering tossing a few folding chairs in your vehicle just in case.


Deals for Aladino, Rancho Luna, and Tatscan include:

  • Buy 2 JRE Cigars
    • 5% discount
  • Buy 5 JRE cigars
    • 10% discount
    • 1 free JRE cigar
  • Buy 10 JRE cigars
    • 15% discount
    • 2 free JRE cigars
    • swag chosen by Trey Mac
  • Buy 20 JRE cigars
    • 20% discount
    • 4 free JRE cigars
    • swag chosen by Trey Mac
    • 1 raffle ticket
  • Buy 40 JRE cigars
    • 20% discount
    • 8 free JRE cigars
    • swag chosen by Trey Mac
    • 3 raffle tickets
    • FREE Corojo King T-Shirt


  1. Locker members add 5% to discount
  2. Tatascan Yellow does not count towards above deals, see Tatascan Yellow deals below:

Deals for Tatascan Yellow include:

  • 20% off bundles


At 7:30pm, we will have Justo Eiroa choose separate raffle prize winners. The four winners will each receive a $60 Fine Wine & Good Spirits gift card.

Justo Eiroa & Trey Mac

Justo Eiroa and his father Julio, are the owners of JRE Tobacco, makers of the Aladino, Rancho Luna and Tatascan cigars.

We have a wonderful relationship with the Eiroa family, and our Aladino members cigar lounge was the first in the country. Justo Eiroa last visited us in July of 2020 to officially dedicate the Aladino lounge at Nelson Loguasto’s, and it was our single largest event day of 2020.

You can check out photos from our trip to the Eiroa farm in Honduras with Justo Eiroa.

Trey Mac, the myth and legend, will also be partying with us. Trey is the JRE rep for our territory and has partied at Nelson Loguasto’s plenty of times in the past year. He will be helping customers in the humidor making the right selection on JRE cigars.

You can check out the Facebook LIVE video we did with Trey Mac on Aladino cigars.

Corojo King T-Shirts

In addition to the swag that JRE will make available for the event, Nelson Loguasto’s has created limited edition “Corojo King” t-shirts to honor Justo’s father, Julio Eiroa… the man who is solely responsible for authentic cuban seed corojo existing today in all the fabulous JRE cigars.

The T-shirts will retail for $16 at our store, but will be on sale for $13.99 on the day of the event. However, your level of discount received on your purchase will be applied to the shirt… for example… if you receive a 15% discount, you will receive 15% off the shirt price as well.

If you purchase a total of 40 JRE cigars, you will receive the shirt at no charge. We have a limited supply of M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL.

Little E’s Pizza Truck

One of our fan favorite food trucks will return for the party. Little E’s Pizza Truck!

They will be on site from 3-7:30.

New Crescent Brewing

New Crescent Brewing of Irwin, PA will be making their debut appearance at Nelson Loguasto’s. They will be on site from 4-7pm on the rear patio.