May 27 – JRE New Cigar Soft Launch Event

JRE Cigar Event – New Cigars Soft Launch

JRE is ‘soft launching’ their new Aladino Cameroon Elegante, Aladino Vintage Elegante, and Aladino Vintage Toro. Only shops, such as Nelson Loguasto’s, that have visited their farm in Honduras will have these cigars available until their full release later this year (click here to enjoy photos from our trip). This event will focus on these new cigars.

  • DATE: Thursday May 27
  • TIME: 4-8PM
  • Co-hosted with Trey Mac of JRE cigars.

Public Event – This will be a public event for members and non-members of the Aladino Lounge. There will be no visitor’s fee for non-members, we just ask that any non-members attending please make a JRE cigar purchase.

Not familiar with JRE cigars? Check out their website here.

Deals / Specials:

  • OPTION 1:
    • Buy 1 Aladino Vintage Toro, 1 Aladino Vintage Elegante, 1 Aladino Cameroon Elegante + any other two JRE cigars:
      • Receive 15% off
      • Receive 1 additional free cigar from JRE rep Trey Mac.
  • OPTION 2:
    • Buy ANY 20 JRE cigars
      • Receive 20% off
      • Receive 3 additional free cigars from JRE rep Trey Mac.
  • OPTION 3:
    • Combine options 1 and 2:
      • Receive 25% off
      • Receive 4 additional free cigars from Trey Mac
  • Locker Members – add 5% to each option
  • JRE brands include Aladino, Rancho Luna, Tatascan, Tatascan Yellow

Food Truck – “Tin Shack BBQ” Food Truck will be here for the event from 4-8pm.