Drew Estate Event / 6 Months to St. Patrick’s Party

Tom Klebe, territory rep for Drew Estate, will be joining us on Wednesday, September 14th as we host our Drew Estate Event / 6 Months to St. Patrick’s Day Party.

Tom is the new rep for Drew Estate and hasn’t yet witnessed our St. Patrick’s Day parties, so this 6 Month warmup party is intended to ease him in. Unlike our recent Drew Estate Cut ‘N Light, this is a full fledged, official Drew Estate event with all that good Drew Estate swag you’ve come to expect.

So join us for Drew Estate cigar deals, tons of swag and promo cigars, live music, prizes, Little E’s pizza and hoagies, BYOB, and more.

Date: Wednesday, September 14th
Time: 5:00pm – 8:00pm

Location: Nelson Loguasto’s Cigars
645 Mt. Pleasant St., Greensburg PA 15601


This will be a public event. No membership is required. All cigar smoking enthusiasts are encouraged to attend.


Deals apply ONLY to Drew Estate brand cigars (see list below):

  • Buy 4
    • 10% Off
    • 1 Undercrown SG Cigar Rest
  • Buy 10
    • 15% Off
    • 1 Undercrown SG Knife
    • 2 free Drew Estate cigars
    • 1 Raffle Ticket
  • Buy 20
    • 20% Off
    • 1 Undercrown SG Travel Humidor Kit, includes:
      • cutter, wallet, flag, and bottle opener
    • 4 free Drew Estate cigars
    • 3 Raffle Tickets
  • Buy 40*
    • 20% Off
    • 1 Undercrown SG Cigar Rest
    • 1 Undercrown SG Knife
    • 1 Undercrown SG Travel Humidor Kit
    • 1 Undercrown SG Sling Bag
    • 6 free Drew Estate Cigars
    • 7 Raffle Tickets

*note: 1 box of 40 Acid Blondies only qualifies for the ‘Buy 20’ level. Purchasing a box of Acid blondies will require an additional 10 Drew Estate cigars to qualify for the ‘Buy 40’ deals.

Cigarillo Tin Deals

  • 15% off all Drew Estate cigarillo tins
  • Deal is separate from cigar deals above


  • 4 winners will be drawn at conclusion of event
  • Each winner will receive a $25 Nelson Loguasto gift card


Pittsburgh’s very own, Brad Wagner, is known as the pub specialist… so we’re bringing in Brad to rock out for us and sprinkle in some Irish pub songs.


We will have pizza and hoagies on site from Little E’s Pizza.

  • Personal Size Cheese Pizza = $10
  • Personal Size Pepperoni Pizza = $11
  • Italian Hoagie = $9.50


The following is the list of Drew Estate cigar brands we carry:

  • Nica Rustica
  • KFC
  • KFC Sweet
  • KFC Swamp
  • Undercrown Maduro
  • Undercrown Shade
  • Undercrown Sungrown
  • Undercrown 10
  • ACID Blondie
  • ACID Blondie Gold
  • ACID Blondie Maduro
  • ACID Kuba Kuba
  • ACID Blondie Belicoso
  • ACID 1400cc
  • Tabak Dulce
  • Tabak Negra
  • Sweet Jane, Fat Bottom Betty, Crazy Alice, Leather Rose
  • Herrera Esteli Brazi
  • Herrera Esteli Norteno
  • Joya Red
  • Joya Silver
  • Joya Cabinneta
  • Joya de Nicaragua Antano
  • Joya de Nicaragua Cuatro Cinco
  • 20 Acre Farm
  • Isla del Sol Maduro
  • Pappy Van Winkle
  • Liga Privada