Camacho Tasting Event

Cured, Sauced, & Smoked

On Wednesday, April 20th, 2022 the Aladino Lounge at Nelson Loguasto’s will be closed from 6-8pm for a private tasting event.

The event will be hosted by our Davidoff / Camacho rep, Daniel Burris, and will begin promptly at 6:30pm. Attendees will learn about the blends and tasting profiles of the Camacho Connecticut, Ecuador, and Corojo cigars and use the tasting sauces for pairing purposes.

Only customers who pre-purchased a ticket will be able to access the lounge during this time. This applies to all Aladino lounge members, guests, and non-members.

Ticket Information:

Tickets are on sale now! Sign up and pay at our Greensburg store.

Tickets will be sold in person at the store only and will cost $30 per person ($27 for locker members).

  • A maximum of 30 tickets will be sold. First come, first serve.
  • Once sold out we will update this section announcing the event as sold out.

The ticket fee includes:

  • Access to the Cured, Sauced, & Smoked tasting event
  • (3) Camacho cigars
  • (1) Tasting Placemat

Post-Event Promotion

After the event concludes, attendees of the event can take advantage of the following promotion:

(*locker members add 5% to below discounts)

  • OPTION 1: Buy any 5 Camacho cigars
    • receive 10% off
  • OPTION 2: Buy any 10 Camacho cigars
    • receive 15% off
  • OPTION 3: Buy any 15 Camacho cigars
    • receive 15% off
    • FREE Camacho desktop humidor
  • OPTION 4: Buy any 10 Camacho Cigars + 10 More Mix & Match of Camacho / AVO / Timeless / Metropolitan / Zino
    • receive 20% off
    • FREE Camacho desktop humidor

Humidors will be pre-seasoned (w/ 84% Boveda) and include (1) 72% Boveda